Medicare Drug Benefit Stories

Diana P.
Washington, DC

Diana is a strong, energetic beneficiary who has an active live.  She enlisted the help of a Medicare Today representative to help her find a plan with a low drug premium.  Diana is not currently on any medications, but she enrolled in Medicare Part D for her own piece of mind.  She didn’t think the plans were confusing or complicated and she is glad she took the time to enroll.

Kathy S.
Scottsdale, AZ

Kathy’s is the caregiver for her mother and when it came time to figure out the new Medicare prescription drug plans, she didn’t really know where to start.  Kathy enlisted the help of Medicare Today to find a plan that would work for her mother.  She worked with a representative who was able to find her mother a plan that would save her a lot of money.  Kathy says, "My mother has worked hard her entire life and it is good to see that she won’t have to worry about the high cost of medications as she gets older."

Gene S.
Raleigh, NC

Gene is a very active beneficiary and staying healthy is a big deal for him, so when it came time to enroll in the Medicare prescription drug benefit that is exactly what he did.  Gene sought out the help of a Medicare Today counselor to sign up for the benefit and after careful consideration of all the available plan options he enrolled in an AARP plan that fit his needs.  Gene is thrilled with his plan and he wants other beneficiaries to know that selecting a plan is not confusing and it is worth the time!

Marilyn M.
Birmingham, AL

Marilyn is a 68 year native of Birmingham, AL, mother of six children and a retired librarian and community events planner.  An active, energetic woman and polio, cancer and stroke survivor, Marilyn pays more than $500 per month for her medicines.  She enrolled in a plan that will save her $325 per month or nearly $4,000 per year.  Marilyn believes it is worth the time for beneficiaries to fully investigate their options for Medicare prescription drug coverage because the savings can be a life-saver.

Glendale, AZ

Richard is an 81-year old retiree who moved to Arizona from Chicago to be closer to his family.  He spends almost $2,000 a year on medications.  With the help of Medicare Today counselors, Richard found a Medicare Part D plan that covers all his prescriptions and will only cost him $677 a year! He says it was worth the time to save all this money on his prescriptions.

Sandra S.
Woodland Hills, CA

Sandra needed to enroll in a Medicare drug plan.  She was spending more than $4,600 per year on drugs and had no previous coverage.  She read about Medicare Today in an LA Times article, researched Medicare Today on the web and called to get help. She was worried about the "doughnut hole" but Medicare Today counselors helped her find a plan that covered her all the way through.  With a premium of $50 per month and no deductible, her total annual cost is now $2218 per year --a savings of more than $2400!  She plans to take a trip with the money she is saving on her prescription drugs.

Alene I.
Lexington, KY

Alene worked at a sewing factory before she retired.  She still enjoys crocheting and grows her own vegetables which she cans and freezes fresh from the garden.  She was spending close to $5,000 a year on medications and was excited about finding a Medicare prescription drug plan that would save her a bit of money.  She was thrilled when, working with her daughter and a Medicare Today counselor, she found a plan that will save her more than $2100 a year.  She said it was worth the time to get the savings.

Alfred S.
Ocean Pines, MD

Alfred is a 74 year old retired physician who moved to Maryland’s Eastern Shore from New York.  He spends $14,000 a year on prescription drugs.  He attended a Medicare Today enrollment event in Salisbury, MD to get a little one-on-one help making a decision about what plan was best for them.  He selected a plan that covered him through the doughnut hole that charges $52.00 a month premium and no deductible.  He expects that with co-pays and premiums his total drug costs will be $4,452 per year which results in savings of nearly $10,000 per year in drug costs.  He advises seniors to take the time to gather their information and do a little research and to take advantage of enrollment events to ensure they are making the best decision.

Anna M.
Lincoln, NE

Anne used to be a practicing attorney, and she is currently receiving disability payments from Medicare because of her rheumatoid arthritis condition.  Due to this condition, she takes a significant number of medications.  After some research, Anne decided that the best way for her to reduce her drug costs, was to enroll in the Medicare drug program.  She is very happy with her decision and the amount of money she is savings.

Peggy K.
Blanchard, OK

Peggy is medically retired with no insurance.  She was paying $14,000 a year in prescription drug costs and wanted to find a way to save money.  She attended an enrollment event in Blanchard sponsored by Medicare Today and she found a plan that will save her $9,504 a year!  She is thrilled with the savings and thought it was well worth the time.  Peggy says: "I am very happy to have some medical coverage since I am on a fixed income."

Mary S.
Cleveland, OH

Mary has not slowed down since retiring from administrative work. The 65-year-old divorced mother of two sons, who both live in California, has been keeping busy by volunteering at the Fairhill Center in Cleveland.  There, she coaches children (who give her plenty of hugs) and organizes publicity for a senior computer lab class, which has seen enrollment triple due to her efforts.  She is currently redecorating her Shaker Heights home, where she lives with her dog and two cats.   Mary attended a Medicare Today enrollment event and found a plan that would only cost her $336 a year for monthly premiums, deductible and co-pays.  She says that "it was definitely worth her time to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan."